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Indra Wellness Company México
Stablished in 1993 as a Company for personal and family Health & Wellness. After 26 years of experience, growing and history nowadays we have presence in several sectors of the economy: Consumer, Industrial, Financial, Healthcare, Real State and Services.

We are in a continuum innovation of our internal process focusing on state of the art in every sector we participate and according our company mission looking for the best products or services we can offer to our clients and customers.

Since our foundation our mission has been to make Life and Wellness of our Customers, Investors, Commercial associates, Suppliers, Employees and Management nicer healthier and more comfortable.

We work with communities as reliable supplier looking to enhance and make a better world sustainable and nature’s respectful.

Indra Wellness Company S. de R.L. de C.V. group welcomes you to our corporate web.